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Wife confesses to ‘locking’ husband


A Selous woman has admitted to “locking” her husband, making him unable to get intimate with any other woman for the past four years, because she believed he was unfaithful. The wife made this confession when she appeared before Chief Chivero recently.

Peter Jamu (56) from ZimboDrift farm in Selous, told NewsDay that he had been “locked” by his wife Eneras Machona for four years and had not performed in bed ever since.

Machona admitted in front of journalists and representatives from a male gender group, Varume Svinurai/Vukani Madoda, who are investigating the case, that she had indeed rendered her husband’s manhood useless.

She said she received the juju from a workmate at her former workplace and it involved sprinkling the husband’s underwear with traditional herbs and wrapping them with two charcoal pieces and two needles.

“I don’t deny what I did to my husband. I did it because of his insatiable desire for women. He had become too promiscuous,” said Machona.

“He left me for other women and I had to take care of the family. He used to leave home at night saying he was going to work, yet he was going to sleep with other women.”

Jimu said the only reason why he had not divorced his wife was because he wanted her to set him free.

“Right now I am mentally dead because I cannot ‘perform’ in bed and I have approached so many churches but there is no change at all,” said Jamu.
He added he had tried to marry another woman but the marriage only lasted for three months as the new wife left him after realising how useless his manhood was.

National organising secretary of Varume Svinura/Vukani Madoda Temba Nzounhenda said Jamu should mend relations with his wife and desist from promiscuity so that he could be set free.

The men’s forum is also consulting with Chief Chivero on the way forward.

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