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Minister tumbles from ceiling


Minister of State in Vice-President John Nkomo’s office, Flora Buka, reportedly fractured her leg after she tumbled from a ceiling and landed on a hot stove while fixing the roof of her farmhouse in Kwekwe last week.

Buka yesterday confirmed she had an accident at her farm involving slipping and falling, but declined to give details other than saying ministers, like everybody else, have to do household chores and were also prone to accidents.

The minister, who is recovering at her Harare home, said she stayed in hospital for a week following the accident.

She said she sustained a
fractured leg which had to be braced with splints and put in a plaster cast.

“I was doing some work in my house at the farm when I had in the accident. I was with the plumber, showing him what needed to be fixed when I slipped and fell.

Youknow, as a mother, I get to do household chores like any other mother and it was while I was doing this that the unfortunate accident happened,” the minister said.

“I was taken to hospital where I was admitted for a week. I sustained fractures so they had to fix the leg with metal splints to realign the leg and I am in a plaster. It’s nothing out of this world.”

But, sources in Kwekwe who are privy to details of the accident told NewsDay Buka fell from a ceiling of her farmhouse and landed on a hot stove, fracturing her leg and getting burnt in the process.

Sources said the farmhouse ceiling was damaged from years of leakages from the roof which had gone for a long time without maintenance.

“She was badly hurt and is being treated in Harare. If you look for her at her home in Harare you will probably find her. The minister is lucky to be alive. It was really a nasty fall,” said the source, who refused to be named.

Buka was allocated the farm which was formerly owned by Kwekwe businessman Jimmy Saunders at the height of farm invasions in 2000.

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