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Zimbos want Diasporan relatives to stay put


Over 70% of Zimbabweans want their relatives living in the Diaspora to stay there because they say conditions at home have not improved enough to warrant their return.

A recent Employee Confidence Survey Report for April 2011, compiled by the Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC), says 77,8% of Zimbabweans said they would rather have their relatives in the Diaspora “hold on” because “there is still a long way to go” before they could consider coming back home.

According to the report, only 22,2% of the respondents said they would advise their relatives to “come back home now”. Memory Nguwi, the managing consultant of IPC, said:

“There has been an increased call for Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora to return and assist in nation rebuilding. But evidently, their relatives here think otherwise.”

Nguwi said based on the feedback that employees give their relatives in the Diaspora, it was important to note that relatives at home had a strong influence on when and whether their relatives should consider coming back home.

“Whilst the economy may indeed be stabilising, confidence in the government’s ability to create meaningful employment may still be low.

“Many Zimbabweans therefore find it premature to advise their relatives to come back home now,” he said.

The research was carried out among participants aged between 18-50 years.

A total of 63,1% of the respondents were male, 63,3% were managerial employees, and 70% were married, 23,9% were single and have never married before, while 6% were single and were married before.

Nguwi said the high negative perception of Zimbabwe’s economic recovery echoed the employee confidence index.

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