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Uganda wary of Sables threat


Former Uganda rugby senior side flanker Robert Seguya is wary of the threat the Zimbabwe Sables will pose to his team during the Confederation of African Rugby (CAR) Africa Cup in Kampala, Uganda on Sunday.

The 32-year-old Seguya who for 12 years donned the black and yellow jersey of the Uganda Cranes on Wednesday told a Ugandan publication New Vision that he had bitter memories about the Zimbabwe Sables who the Cranes face in the opening game.

“I broke an arm in 2007 when we faced Zimbabwe in the Africa Cup. They play hardcore rugby so we have to be ready for a tough contest. They always give us a run for our money,” Seguya said on Wednesday.

The Sables’ technical department on Tuesday named a strong 25-man Sables team with five South Africa-based players for the assignment to Uganda where they come up against the hosts and Madagascar.

Seguya was also cautious about the pace of Madagascar whom the Cranes beat in the final of the CAR Cup in 2007. “Madagascar are even tougher. We all saw how they gave us a run here last year. We beat them but they had a better game and they brought bigger boys to match us,” he said.

Ugandan coach Yayiro Kasasa said he was impressed with his players’ response to training ahead of the crucial tournament.

The team which finishes with the highest number of points wins the tournament, securing automatic promotion to group 1A whose teams have the right to compete in the World Cup qualifiers.

Group 1A consists of Namibia, Tunisia, Morocco and Kenya in that order on the rankings and will play their tournament in Nairobi in November this year. The last team in group IA will be demoted to group 1B next year.

Zimbabwe squad

Forwards: N Mukondiwa (False Bay, SA), K Kambasha, D Mutamangira, R Dzvairo, S Makuku, J Goosen (all Harare Sports Club), D Esbach, P Joubert, M Coleman (all Old Georgians), J Ferreira, (Busters), P Chitenderu and C Dinha (Vice captain) (Old Hararians), F Chipendo (Primrose Rugby Club, SA), G Nechironga and N Ndlovu (Belhar Rugby Club, SA)

Backs: C Makotose (False Bay, SA), D Hondo, S Makombe, T Nemadire, P Machisa, S Mpofu (Harare Sports Club), D Bradshaw, D Robertson (all Old Georgians), T Makwanya (Old Hararians), L Machanjaire (Busters).

Technical team: Cyprian Mandenge (Coach), Nody Kanyangarara (Manager), Farai Muguwe (Physiotherapist), Dumile Moyo (Head of delegation).

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