Murerwa blames Twitter for African revolts

Zimbabwe Wednesday joined the rest of the continent in celebrating Africa Day with reverberating calls for unity as turmoil rocks North Africa.

Speakers at the Africa Day commemoration in Harare said there was need for unity in Africa and to stop the inflammation taking place in North Africa.

Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Herbert Murerwa left the audience in stitches when he blamed the Internet for the chaos in Africa, saying it was being used by Western powers to destroy the continent.

“The Internet and things like Twitter, Facebook are being used to destroy,” Murerwa said. “We from the older generation do not know anything about Facebook or Twitter. It’s (social media) being used for regime change and to make our youths revolt against their leaders.

“Our continent is at a critical juncture. As we meet, a member of the African Union is being destroyed. We need to ensure we are on alert to stop colonial masters from fishing in dangerous waters,” he said in apparent reference to Libya.

Youth minister Saviour Kasukuwere said there was need to empower youths in Africa.

African leaders are meeting in Ethiopia to discuss, among other issues, the Libyan crisis and security concerns in the continent.

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