Theatre group embarks on global warming campaign


A local arts group, MRM Arts has decided to take global warming awareness to schools via a musical play in an attempt to entrench environmental awareness among the young generation.

The play is entitled Going Green through the Arts.
MRM Arts director, Prince Mahlangu, said 18 primary and secondary schools had been targeted for the second term. MRM is an acronym for Moyo, Radza and Mahlangu.

“We first conduct a workshop among the school kids,” he said.

“We also give them a workbook during the workshop which has a few questions about global warming, they then have to fill in the answers after listening to a presentation.”

Mahlangu said the play would then be staged a day after the workshop and discussion.

“We have managed to get clearance from the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture to go ahead with the edutainment programme in Bulawayo,” Mahlangu told NewsDay yesterday.

The one-hour-long musical play is done in mixed media in that there are poets, comedians, singers, actors and dancers, all rolled into one.

A total of 20 artistes feature in the play. Mahlangu said they had decided to work on an environmental play after realising that most people “were not aware of the dangers posed by global warming”.

“Most people do not even realise how serious it is,” he said.

Valeri Matsaudza, MRM Arts’ chairperson, said it was important for young people to have global warming awareness as “they are future leaders”.

“If we do not spread the word now, we will start to see the negative effects of global warming in the near future. Young people must be taught the importance of environmental conservation,” she said.