Suspected Cattle thief remanded on bail


Mazisi Mpofu, a former boarding master at David Livingstone Secondary School in Ntabazinduna, who is being accused of stealing 10 cattle in Mbembesi together with a headmistress’ sibling, has been remanded out of custody on $200 bail.

Mpofu and the school headmistress’ sibling Lindelani Dlamini last week appeared in court seperately facing 10 counts of stock-theft.

The pair allegedly stole the cattle from three farmers and kept them at the school.

Dlamini was remanded in custody to May 11 after Bulawayo magistrate, Gideon Ruvetsa ruled he was a flight risk since he was based in South Africa and could also interfere with witnesses since he was related to the school headmistress where the alleged stolen cattle and clearance forms were kept.

However, Mpofu was granted $200 bail and remanded to May 19.

The pair is being represented by Bright Ndove.
The headmistress’ name was not mentioned in court papers.

Sometime in February last year, Dlamini and Mpofu in the company of Jabulani Ndlovu and other accomplices stole four beasts belonging to Mbuso Mabaleka Sibanda at Zimbili grazing area in Mbembesi in Matabeleland North province.

They allegedly drove the cattle to David Livingstone School where they left them under Mpofu’s care. The court heard Mpofu was the school boarding master then.

Later the cattle were allegedly slaughtered at Mpofu’s instruction and disposed of at the school.

To cover up for the crime, Mpofu allegedly went to Mbembesi Police Station where he cleared genuine cattle bought by the school and used the clearance letters to cover up for the slaughtered stolen beasts.

In March of the same year, they allegedly stole two other beasts belonging to Let Moyo and four stray cattle which were in custody of the State.

Ndlovu was later arrested and implicated the pair.
Jerry Mutsindikwa represented the State.