Zanu PF truck used in robbery


The Zanu PF Harare Province has been implicated in an armed robbery case which occurred in Harare last month.

The alleged robbery came about when an illegal fuel dealer, Tadius Marufu, allegedly hired nine men to pounce on his business rivals at number 108 Coventry Road, Harare, to allegedly kill competition.

The hired men allegedly used a Nissan truck inscribed “Zanu PF Harare Province” and a cab emblazoned “Pro-Taxis”.

Marufu and his colleagues were arrested and charged with armed robbery and are appearing at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts.

The court heard that when the men pounced on Marufu’s competitors, they were armed with a pistol and buton sticks.

This was said by one of the complainants, Reason Mandizadza, who testified before regional magistrate Clever Tsikwa last week. The trial continues on May 13.

The alleged hired men were Brian Madzorere (29), Tazvishaya Chisamba (36), George Ushewokunze (42), Godfrey Chataika (51), Edgar Chakwizira (30), Walter Tonderai Makotore (29), Itai Hove (24), Lovejoy Jeremiah (27) and Farai Nyakudya (30).

All the accused persons proffered an alibi defence and were represented by Rekai Maphosa.

In their defence outlines they said they never visited the alleged business premises and the identification parade conducted by the police was improperly done.

Marufu, who is alleged to be the gang leader, said the charges against him were trumped up by his business competitors who wanted to take over the business premises.

It is alleged after robbing the complainants, the men proceeded to Waterfalls where they met Marufu and advised him of their accomplished mission.

Marufu is alleged to have paid the men a total of $300 as a token of appreciation. The men are said to have surrendered to Marufu a 210-litre drum of diesel which they had allegedly seized from their victims.

The matter came to light after Madzorere was arrested two days after the alleged offence was committed and he implicated the rest of the accused persons.