Two Zimbabweans convicted of rape in Botswana


Two Zimbabweans were last week convicted of rape by a Francistown magistrate Peggy Madandume though they claimed the woman they were accused of raping was a prostitute who usually provided them with sexual favours.

Enos Chirungwa and Lucky Phiri (ages not stated) were remanded in custody to May 10 for sentence.

The two are reportedly said to have raped the woman on July 20 2009.

Chirungwa told the court the complainant they were accused of raping was a prostitute he often solicited sex from but the magistrate dismissed his claims as a ploy to elude the law.

But the complainant dismissed the men’s claims as false, insisting she only got to know them on the fateful day.

The magistrate said the complainant’s evidence and other witnesses revealed that she saw the two for the first time on the day they raped her.

She later managed to identify them.

“I agree that the complainant had never seen those two men until the day of the incident,” said the magistrate.

The magistrate said the accused persons made up the evidence to avoid prison and that the state had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

The court heard that on the day in question, the two Zimbabweans met the complainant in the company of her friend and indicated to her that they wanted to accompany her to her house.

After a short distance, they dragged her into the bush and raped her.