Surprise Zim representative at BB Amplified house


The Big Brother Amplified housemates did prove that the house was going to be amplified as most characters seemed wild and controversial when the show was officially opened on Sunday evening.

Two Zimbabweans, Vimbai Mutinhiri and Wendall Parson were chosen to represent Zimbabwe and the two seemed laid-back compared to other housemates.

Mutinhiri though seemed comfortable as she could be spotted singing and dancing along to the tracks played by the Djs during the show’s intervals.

As Big Brother had said, expect the unexpected, the shocker of the night was definitely a white housemate from Zimbabwe, Wendall.

He is a pilot from Harare who says he entered Big Brother Amplified for the challenge and to represent his country. He promised viewers that he would take excitement and suspense to another level.

Mutinhiri was no surprise as her name had already been revealed by MNet a few days before the show launched.

Mutinhiri was the first one to be called into the house by host IK and she proudly strutted her stuff like the true model that she is.

She was then joined by other housemates from other countries, before IK shocked viewers by calling other representatives from 14 countries.

The housemates and their bold personalities took over the Big Brother stage and started entertaining the crowds that attended the show.

Comprised mostly of journalists, TV presenters, models and actors, one could not blame the housemates for their openness as they are just what people saw on stage.

Peo from Botswana known as Miss P was no wilting flower and did not mind booty hopping her way onto the stage first, before professing how much she would miss church the most while in the house. Michael from Mozambique, told IK how he would take every day as it comes and would have nothing but fun in the house.

Vina from Nigeria revealed she has no strategy and was very short, sweet and straight to the point, preferring to play her cards close to her chest, in as far as the game is concerned.

Lotus from Tanzania wasted no time telling IK how “hot you are”. As she made her way to her seat however, she almost fell down, but managed to find her footing before she hit the ground.

Nic, from Kenya, was definitely not shy and preferred to dance his way onto the stage. He did not hesitate to clarify his relationship status in case Africa was in any doubt.

He also was unafraid to go into detail about his preferences and his “foot fetish”. Bernadina from Namibia revealed her very plain and simple strategy: “To win the $200 000. That’s it!”

Weza, representing Angola, raised the temperatures in a tiny skirt, then asked not to be judged for what she does in the house because “I am human”.

She left the crowd which was present at the opening launch dazed and confused as her dress was too short.

Those with cameras and mobile phones did not miss anything as they went closer to her to get the complete picture of her outfit.

Luclay from South Africa, popularly known as Siya from his Rhythm City acting role, proved popular in Johanesburg mainly because he was charming and well dressed.

He was in all black and with a stick of gum in his mouth, revealed he represents all the hustlers in Africa, then quickly tried to locate his girlfriend in the audience.

Sharon, hailing all the way from Uganda walked in and professed “there are no unattractive people in Uganda”.

She stressed how she would not do anything that would be degrading because she is a woman of virtue and has morals.

Felicia on the other hand, revealed how Africa won’t see her fighting with anyone during her stay in the house because she is a “nice person”.

Asked about relationships most of the housemates said they were single and were willing to mingle. All that remains to be seen in the next 91 days.