MDC-T geared for polls — Chamisa


MDC-T is now in election mode with newly-elected organising secretary Nelson Chamisa saying the party was rallying its structures to ensure a resounding victory in the next general elections.

Chamisa, who took over from former Harare mayor Elias Mudzuri at the just-ended MDC-T national congress in Bulawayo, said he would flush out unruly elements that instigated violence, factionalism and divisions ahead of the party’s third congress.

“I have a competent deputy but beyond the organising leadership, we have to organise and mobilise our support base that any election whether tomorrow, next year and the rest of the years to follow, will be won by MDC-T because we have better programmes and vision,” said Chamisa.

“Discipline and party protocol is key. Any perception of factionalism and division are a product of breakdown of good communication within a party. I will make sure that I enhance processes of communication so that people know the MDC-T culture, the dos and don’ts within the party.

“Our members should know that our politics is different from the politics of Zanu PF. We are going to ensure unity within our party by eliminating the vices that undermine the good standing of our party.”

Chamisa said the MDC-T did not believe in “principals but principles. We want to create good leaders who do not take sides with a particular grouping but leaders who are focused and listen to the people.”

“We are trying to come up with a 21st century political party that will serve the interests of even our great grandchildren. We want to create a party beyond posters and slogans. We want to use excellence as a yardstick and guiding principle.

“The time of Africa has come but that time has been postponed by unfocused and parochial leadership.”

He said the party would strengthen the women and the youth leagues to make their work more visible.

“They are the heartbeat of the movement and we must capture their questions, programmes and yearnings. We have to acknowledge them as a powerful force and harness their activities,” said Chamisa.

He said the party would “build solidarity between MDC and other political parties globally. We started with (Kenyan Prime Minister) Raila Odinga and we will go beyond that. We will be doing exchange programmes and sharing strategies on how to develop our people and country.”