Tuku still grieving for Sam


Legendary music icon Oliver Mtukudzi is still mourning. He shed tears for his son Sam at his Harare International Conference Centre show on Friday night.

Tuku’s shedding of tears was not a glitch to his show but it was so emotional that one could not help but feel sorry for the old man.

It has been thirteen months after Sam passed away but the legendary singer gave a virtuoso performance for a man who turns 59 in September.

Gifted with a deep and gutsy voice plus a talent for writing songs that reflect on the daily life and struggles of the people,

Tuku gave a five-star performance for a man who is battling diabetes, belting out yester-year hits like Chimusoro and Tozeza Baba.

Spotting a crisp white shirt with gold trimmings on the collar he was immersed in his music and kept the fans engrossed with his energetic Katekwe dance aided by his marimba player Charles Chipanga.

The touching moment came half an hour past midnight, when he belted out the heartbreaking song Ndakaronga Dondo amid sobs from the lanky musician.

In a memorial to his departed son Tuku said that it was not weakness for a man to mourn his son.

“We are mere mortals, we live to die and it’s not for man to decide, but the Creator.

“My plans with you now in total disarray. Did I know God had his own plans for you too? Ndakaronga Dondo.

“A man mourns his son. I must mourn Sam. It’s not weakness to cry. Outpouring of grief is the inner strength to express my feelings for you.

“Your departure hurts me so much, son. The wound won’t heal because it can’t heal. But survive I must and continue your legacy. There is no time, “said Tuku.

Tuku however quickly contained himself and was joined by Suluman Chimbetu, who comforted Tuku midway through Ndakaronga Dondo by fusing it with Sam‘s hit song Chii Chanetsa (baba).

Chimbetu, clad in a three-piece charcoal grey suit appeared on stage to provide backing vocals in such a polished way that one would thought he was part of Tuku’s band.

Tuku then went down memory lane singing hits such as Shanda and went wild singing and dancing.

The show was however marred by some over-zealous fans that threw beer cans on stage but the superstar kept his cool.

He was also joined on stage by daughter Selmor doing the backing vocals and her husband Tendai Manatsa strumming the guitar.

Tuku seems to be keeping it in the family as the show was also spiced with performances from Donald Kanyuchi and Munya Mataruse, young musicians who learnt their trade at Tuku’s Pakare Paye Arts Centre in Norton.

The Golden Girls also featured before the main act.