Gospel musician releases new album


Gweru-based gospel musician Ephraim Patai and his band The Voice of Prophecy have released an album entitled Samulena that has entered the local radio charts.

Interestingly, Patai sings with his wife Respina, the lead vocalist for the twelve-member band.

Patai told NewsDay that a DVD of one of his live shows would also be released soon.

“We shot the DVD at the end of last year at Mkoba Teachers’ College. Our fans will be able to lay their hands on it after two weeks,” he said.
Patai said he was pleased to work with his wife in music.

“Our aim is to spread the Word of God.
“We strongly feel that women should play their part as well,” he said.

The Voice of Prophecy has also performed in Botswana and Namibia.

“We have done collaborative work with a well-known Namibian band called The Gospel of Christ.”

The Patai family started singing together at church in the 90s.

“After a while, we decided to go into music full time as we felt that we could minister through singing. Our music is for all denominations.”