ZCTU seeks High Court protection over police ban


The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) on Wednesday made an urgent application to the High Court seeking an order to compel police to allow it to go ahead with its planned May Day marches in Mutare and Kwekwe.

This follows a ban on the marches by police on security grounds.

By yesterday, there was still uncertainty on the planned marches in provinces such as Bulawayo and Harare, as police had still not responded to the organisation’s request to hold marches in the respective cities.

ZCTU legal advisor Zakeyo Mthimkhema told NewsDay yesterday their chances of winning the case were high.

Mthimkhema said the security reasons given by police were not strong enough to warrant the ban.

“The police have not right to ban the marches as it is within ZCTU’s constitutional rights to hold the marches,” he said.

“We have the right to freedom of expression and freedom of association. If the police approach us with a court order, then we will abide, as long as it is from the courts.”

With regard to Bulawayo and Harare, Mthimkhema said the workers would go ahead with their preparations as usual.

“We are aware that police have not yet sent responses to other provinces and it is in their nature and strategy to respond on the last day,” he said.
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