Raila Odinga meets Mugabe


Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga jetted into the country Friday and met President Robert Mugabe at State House before proceeding to Bulawayo for the official opening of the MDC-T national congress.

Odinga had a closed-door meeting with President Mugabe.

“We had a very good meeting with his Excellency (President Mugabe). We basically compared notes about developments in Zimbabwe and Kenya as you know that the two countries have a number of things in common,” said Odinga.

Odinga became Prime Minister of Kenya in April 2008 in a coalition government following a bloody fight between his party and that of President Mwai Kibaki.

Odinga, like Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, claimed he had won the election but President Kibaki refused to give up power, resulting in the conflict which was eventually ended by negotiations which made Odinga Prime Minister.

President Mugabe briefly explained the significance of the stuffed lions at State House to the Kenyan Prime Minister.

Odinga said he had offered to share notes on the Constitution as his country was also in the process of drafting a new constitution.

“Kenya is slightly ahead of Zimbabwe in the constitution-making process and we have something to share. We have offered to share some of the information that we have with Zimbabwe so that they can use whatever is useful to them. Circumstances can never be the same, they differ,” said Odinga.

“We have the struggle for independence which we share in common and then we also have post-independence. In Kenya we had difficulties and challenges in the last elections which eventually ended with the formation of the coalition government,” said Odinga.