Lucretia: Hints for super skin


Life takes its toil on our skin. Some will hide this by caking their skin with layers of camouflage; some will chase elusive youth by visiting a Botox clinic for a quick fix; while others might take a more drastic approach and go for cosmetic surgery.

Your skin is the most visible organ of your body — it carries the burden of showing all signs of wear and tear.

Many believe that beauty is something that comes from within, a few know that to maintain beautiful skin you need to go deeper than the surface.

Beauty is skin deep and to deal with ageing you have to get to the root of the problem.

Beauty is inner health reflected outwardly. True beauty is the result of this kind of harmony.

Have you ever marvelled at how flawless celebrities like Christina Milan, Beyoncé Knowles and even guys like Mario and Taye Diggs look in their photos?

The trick is what goes onto the skin beneath their foundation.

By using correct products like Bio Oil, Nivea, Garnier etc, your skin is guaranteed to be even, smooth and radiant before applying make-up. You too can get a flawless airbrushed finish.

The three basic dermatological steps to avoid skin problems and maintain a youthful complexion are:

Exfoliate — this ensures that the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are removed, allowing new energised cells to come to the surface ensuring a bright radiant, even-toned complexion. Rinse your face with cool water and dry pat with a soft towel.

Cleansing — use lukewarm water, spend 30-60 seconds massaging and washing the skin, working the cleanser all over the face, neck and nose and even onto the hairline. It is important to determine what kind of skin you have and get a product that is for your skin type.

Note that at this stage pimples redress and dryness can be a direct result of using the wrong product.

Toners — when they were first brought onto the market, they contained alcohol, which dried the skin out. These days toners are extremely effective and gentle on the skin while removing dirt, pollution and any trace of make- up. Toners help prepare the skin for moisturiser.

Moisturiser — using your correct moisturiser or lotion gently soothe it on your face — this can either be Bio Oil or Camphor cream. Dulling flakes are swept away so livelier skin can surface. Lotion unclogs pores to help oily skin avert breakouts. Dry skin accepts moisturiser better- it softens tone lines and evens skin tone.

Removing make-up — use the proper make-up remover. Saturate a cotton disc with your product and wipe over the face. Remove mascara while washing with warm clean water. Get the last smudges off with an eye make-up remover especially made for the delicate eye area.
Quick fixes to energise tired skin shouldn’t stop with your face care routine. There are some helpful hints to keep you energised from head to toe.

Start your day with gentle stretching exercises to get your blood flowing.

Try dry brushing your body to stimulate your circulation and exfoliating dry skin. (Dry brushing is performed on dry skin before bathing or showering)

Use a natural fiber brush to gently massage your body except the face and décolleté for five to 10 min.

Snack on the following energising fruits during the day — grapes, strawberries, apples, apricots, pears, bananas, watermelon, lemon and oranges. Such fruits gives you a firmer skin, brighter eyes, clear head and bags of energy and yes, a looser waistband, a ultra healthy diet is a must.

Exercising is so important — it will not just keep you in shape but also for your health and body. This can include yoga, pilates, dancing, jogging skipping and swimming.

Until next week.