Zim teams for Tanzania


Zimbabwe has been invited to send youth sports teams to take part in the East Africa Cup competitions to be held in Moshi, Tanzania in June.

The tournament caters for two sporting disciplines, football and volleyball.

Under-12 boys will participate in the football competition while Under-12 girls will take part in the volleyball tournament.

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) through the Zimbabwe Youth Education Through Sport (Zim-YES) will soon be holding qualifiers for the Tanzania games.

In a statement by SRC’s Community Sports Development Programme manager Martin Dururu, the SRC said the qualifiers would start at ward level up to national level.

“In order to determine teams to travel to that event, the SRC shall convene the Zim-YES for the East Africa Cup qualifiers that are an integral component of the YES programme,” Dururu said.

Provincial qualifiers will be held on Saturday while the regional and national qualifiers will be held on May 7 and 14 respectively.

Each team for the qualifiers is expected to send 15 players, a coach and a manager and each match would only be 40 minutes for the football games.