Knives out for Theresa Makone


The battle for the control of the MDC-T Women’s Assembly has taken a nasty twist amid reports last night that contenders for the post currently held by Home Affairs co-minister Theresa Makone were being threatened.

Makone last night denied ever threatening anyone.

She said: “How can I threaten anyone? They have to report to the police if they are being threatened and that person will be dealt with. I don’t do that. I have got style.”

Makone is pitted against MDC-T heavyweights Lucia Matibenga, Evelyn Masaiti and Editor Matamisa for control of the Women’s Assembly.

Masaiti told NewsDay last night she had received threats but said she was determined to wrest the post from Makone.

“I have been threatened and I have also received reports that certain provincial chairpersons who were elected recently have also received threats for nominating me,” Masaiti said.

There were also reports that Matamisa, another nominee for the Women’s Assembly chairperson post, had received similar threats.

Matamisa was not immediately available for comment.

Masaiti said the playing field was no longer even because of the threats.

“There is no fairness at all in this process because of the threats we are getting,” she said.

Sources within the party Monday said Makone was likely to lose her seat claiming she had fallen out of favour with the grassroots and other senior members of the party.

“She has fallen out of favour with the grassroots because they claim she is detached from them,” said the source.

Matibenga battled Makone for the post in 2006 and lost in an election that was enmeshed in controversy.

Party president Morgan Tsvangirai has threatened to fire from the party those found guilty of fomenting violence.

In Bulawayo, provincial elections were still on by the time of going to print last night. Reports coming from the proceedings said the elections were peaceful.

The elections were postponed thrice due to disturbances involving rival factions — one aligned to Gorden Moyo and the other led by Matson Hlalo.

Final party nominations are expected today ahead of the much-awaited national congress to begin tomorrow in Bulawayo.