Mliswa judgment date set


Judgment in the case in which former men’s national football team fitness trainer and commercial farmer Temba Mliswa is accused of using threats of violence against Noshio Investments director, Paul Westwood, has been set for May 27.

Regional magistrate Morgan Nemadire was expected to deliver the judgment yesterday but failed to do so saying it was not ready.

Mliswa is alleged to have issued death threats against Westwood after he had refused to hand over the vehicle accessories company sometime in December 2009.

The state alleges Mliswa sent text messages to Westwood telling him to surrender the vehicle accessories company or face unspecified consequences.

In his defence, Mliswa denied the accusations and accused Westwood of trying to oust him from the directorship of Noshio Investment.

Mliswa said he owned 50% shares in the vehicle spare parts company but Westwood was trying to out manoeuvre him from the rightful ownership to his shares hence he had fabricated charges against him.

In another matter, regional magistrate Never Katiyo is expected to deliver judgment on Friday in a case in which Mliswa is being charged with fraud or alternatively extortion.

He is accused of trying to grab a vehicle accessories company, Noshio Investment, from the same complainant, Westwood.