Zaka Zaka disappoints ‘Senior Lecturer’


Sungura guru Nicholas “Madzibaba” Zachariah says he is not happy about the unceremonious departure by his young brother Zachariah from Orchestra Mberikwazvo.

Rhythm guitarist Zachariah, who is one of the founder members of Orchestra Mberikwazvo, left Alick Macheso’s band under unclear circumstances and is currently without a band.

Speaking after dishing out a usual stellar performance at the Independence Gala at Ascot Stadium in Gweru on Thursday night, Madzibaba expressed his disappointment at the way Zaka Zaka walked out of Macheso’s sungura outfit and said he is welcome to rejoin his Khiama Boys at any time.

“I would not want to say much about Zachariah leaving Macheso, but what I can only say is that I am not happy about everything that happened. I am not pleased at all. As my younger brother, he is however free to rejoin me if he wants. The Khiama Boys’ door is always wide open to him. He is welcome,” said Madzibaba.

Tafi “Fire” Nyamunda seems to have perfectly filled in the void left by Zachariah but the latter has always been a darling of the Orchestra Mberikwazvo faithfuls.

Madzibaba’s performance at the gala was another reminder that he is the godfather of sungura, a sentiment he self-proclaimed.

“I am sungura. I started this music genre in the early 1980s and as is common knowledge, I am credited for having taught a lot of guys who have made it very big. So I am sungura,” he boasted.

The nimble-fingered left-handed lead guitarist, Madzibaba, who has earned himself the name “Senior Lecturer”, is revered for nurturing rare talents like Macheso and System Tazvida.

And as is expected from a lecturer, Madzibaba offered a piece of advice to urban groove musicians by urging them to adopt the use of live instruments on stage.

“I see a lot of talent in these young urban groove singers but they have a very serious problem of not wanting to use live instruments for their stage performances. This is something I have said many times but it seems they do not care to listen. Until they heed this advice, they will never make it big in their careers,” he said.

He then hinted at getting into the studio to record a six-track album later this year in September.