Violent MDC-T members face expulsion


MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, on Monday threatened to name, shame and expel violent members of his party that have caused havoc in the run up to the party’s congress which starts on Thursday.

Addressing warring party supporters in Bulawayo yesterday, Tsvangirai declared the election of Gorden Moyo to the chairmanship of the party’s Bulawayo province was irreversible.

He also ordered that remaining posts for the Bulawayo province be filled today (Tuesday) without further disruption.

“Bulawayo province is the host for our congress and it should be leading by example,” said Tsvangirai.

“However, I am disappointed that Bulawayo is the most confused, undisciplined and disrespectful province.”

The Bulawayo province last Friday failed for the third time to conclude its provincial elections after violence broke out among supporters of two factions, one led by Moyo and another by deposed chairman, Matson Hlalo.

Tsvangirai said he was compiling names of all people who disrupted party activities and caused violence in all provinces.

He said he would name and shame them and congress would have to pass a resolution on whether they should be suspended, banished from the party or punished in other ways.

The MDC-T leader also ordered that the Bulawayo leadership present him with a resolution on indiscipline, especially violence in the party, after the provincial elections are concluded today (Tuesday).

Tsvangirai said congress would also pass resolutions on vote buying and corruption within the party, among other misdemeanors.

Earlier on the MDC T leader had addressed party leaders in Gwanda and later held a meeting with Matabeleland North provincial executive in Bulawayo.

At both meetings Tsvangirai emphasised discipline and unity in the party ahead of the national congress.