Kingston’s producer records for Cindy


Urban groover, Cindy Munyavi, managed to impress at both Sean Kingston’s shows and this paid for her as she was spotted by Kingston’s producer.

Riley Urick, Kingston’s producer, told NewsDay that he chose Cindy from all the Zimbabwean musicians he had seen because of her voice and attitude.

“I like Cindy because she is someone I feel I can work with, she has the voice and vibe I am looking for and above all, she is humble,” said Urick.

Urick and Cindy spent Saturday afternoon recording using a microphone and a laptop with the lyrics written by Cindy.

“I asked Cindy if she could write lyrics in two hours and she did so and I worked on a beat and we recorded something,” said Urick.

He added that he was going to edit and produce the recorded work in America and send Cindy a copy which will have an American and Zimbabwean fusion.

Urick said he was interested in assisting Zimbabwean musicians and producers.

“I am interested in assisting the Zimbabwean arts industry, with time, I may just open a studio in Zimbabwe, you may never know,” said Urick.

Urick has produced for well known successful artists who include Ashanti, Lil Romeo, Ray J, Gucci Mane and Sean Kingston.

Cindy said she was honoured to have Sean Kingston’s producer asking to record for her.

“It was a great honour for me to record with Sean’s producer. It was so simple and I was shocked to see myself in a video he had worked on, it was great,” said Cindy.

She added that this showed that local artists were certainly on the rise. Cindy’s talent is undoubted as she also impressed when she performed with Jamaica’s Beenie Man last year.

She managed to convince some people who thought she was Janet Jackson as she played Janet’s role well.

Local artists Winky D, High Definition Dance group, BKay and Kaz, Zena, Sani Makhalima, Stunner and Snipper, also performed well at the shows.

At one point, one would have thought that the show was a Winky D show because when the Big Man went on stage revellers just went ecstatic, singing along to the award-winning musicians lyrics.