Chindori-Chininga slams violence


A Zanu PF MP has issued strong anti-violence messages on the popular internet communication medium, Facebook, declaring it was barbaric for anyone to risk life or limb fighting for the personal and political ambitions of politicians.

Guruve South MP Edward Chindori-Chininga said citizens should only get into harm’s way when their country is in danger from other nations.

The MP also told his constituents in Guruve at recent rallies that they should desist from employing violence to silence politically divergent views.

“No one should face death from a bullet or violence, or suffer bodily harm in order to achieve the ambition of a politician to gain personal political power,” said Chindori-Chininga.

“Citizens should only be in harm’s way when their nationhood is under threat, in defence of their country and bound by their nation as citizens and their flag.

“Now that the three parties, Zanu PF, MDC-T and the smaller faction of the MDC are in a government of national unity and are developing a roadmap to general elections that is based on completion of the writing of a new constitution followed by a referendum and other processes such as amendments to the electoral law, voter registration, constituency delimitation and general election preparations, all responsible Zimbabweans have one major responsibility to end violence,” said Chindori-Chininga.

He said awareness campaigns against violence should be developed so as to get the culture of violence out of Zimbabwean politics.

“We are one family bound by God to be Zimbabwean, but we chose to belong and to commit ourselves to political parties based on our beliefs,” said Chindori- Chininga.

“Instead, let us have competing political parties and competing ideas that develop our country.
“Let the losers and winners in elections shake hands and congratulate each other in unity to develop Zimbabwe because we are bound by our family of nationhood under one flag.”

Another Zanu PF non-constituency MP who is also a committee member in the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC), Oppah Muchinguri, recently told people at an induction workshop of liaison committees of the three political parties in Harare district that victims of political violence should embrace Jesus and learn to forgive the wrongdoers.