Sean Kingston: What a disappointment!


American-based Jamaican singer Sean Kingston, who was in Zimbabwe for two performances over the weekend, left a trail of disappointment and fans who attended his shows should be counting their losses.

The young musician just proved to be an eyesore.

While the initial indication was that Kingston would bring a full band, it turned out that he used backtracks for performances.

Well, using backtracks is nothing new among international artists touring the country but Kingston went further to disappoint his fans after failing to last on stage.

When people saw his failure at the first show at Celebration Centre, anticipation was that he would do better at Glamis Arena but the performance turned out to be even worse.

After performing songs like Fire Burning, Eenie Meenie, Beautiful Girls, Take You There, Face Drop, and Why You Wanna Go the musician easily turned into a DJ.

He resorted to selecting other musicians’ songs in the comfort of the DJ’s box.

At Celebration Centre, children had to find solace in other fun and social activities provided by co-sponsors Coca-Cola and Nugget.

At Glamis Arena the mature crowd would not have any of the musician’s tricks and there was an outcry as fans demanded that the young artist give the audience their money’s worth.

“We did not come here to watch this guy doing lip-synch (lip synchronisation) or acting like a DJ. After all, he is not even good at imitating his own songs,” complained one fan who identified himself as Tinopona Mangoma.

Coming after good acts from international musicians like Beenie Man, Capleton, Akon and Sean Paul, Kingston exposed himself as an immature performer.

“We have seen other musicians and they were not arrogant and rude like this boy. He even failed to greet people who have shown great loyalty to his music,” said a disappointed fan.

Kingston also blasted the media saying: “I love you all, don’t listen to what all these newspapers say about me. I am good.” His claim actually contradicted his performance.

Kingston’s tour was messed up from the start as he was scheduled to have arrived in Zimbabwe on Thursday but came a day later and kept his fans waiting at Meikles Hotel and the airport.

When he arrived at Harare International Airport, children were waiting for him hoping to have one or two pictures and get his autograph but that was not the case as his bouncer commanded people to keep away from the artist and he did not seem bothered.

His manager, Candice Walton, who had arrived on Thursday said Kingston did not have time to talk to his fans at the airport as he was exhausted since he had travelled for 26 hours.

She also dismissed allegations that Kingston was doing lip-synch during his two performances.

“I don’t understand why people think Kingston was lip-synching. He was singing with his own voice,” claimed Walton.

Kingston was outclassed by local performers Winky D, High Definition dance group, BKay and Kaz, Zena, Sanii Makhalima, Stunner and Sniper.

At one point, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that Winky D was the main act of the gig because when he went on stage revellers just went wild.