Man stabbed to death over family house


A long-standing feud over the control of a family house in Glen View, Harare, led to the killing of a man allegedly by his brother on Monday night, police have confirmed.

Although the circumstances surrounding the issue were still sketchy yesterday, it is understood the man was fatally stabbed by his brother with a sharp object after a quarrel at their late parents’ property.

The two were staying together at the house.
Yesterday, police spokesperson Inspector James Sabau said: “All I can confirm is that we have arrested the accused and we are still investigating what really took place.”

However, NewsDay established that Zivanai Zvikaramba (44), a security guard, was in police custody for allegedly stabbing his younger brother Benson Zvikaramba to death with a knife.

Zivanai’s wife Sibonisiwe Mpofu told NewsDay the two always quarrelled over who should superintend over their parents’ house – where they both stayed. Mpofu said the altercation that led to the fatal stabbing of Benson began when the two were attending a relative’s funeral in Crowborough North before they were asked to leave.

On their arrival at home, it is alleged, Zivanai accused Benson of having an affair with Mpofu, leading to a scuffle.

Mpofu said: “They used to fight over who should be in charge of the house that was left by their parents and my husband used to beat me up on suspicion that I was having an extra-marital affair with his brother. My husband used to accuse me of having affairs with any man who visited us to the point of even accusing his own brother of having an affair with me, though myself I was not engaged in any extra-marital affair.”

Neighbours, however, accused Zivanai of abusing his wife (Mpofu).