Councillors barred from Town House


Municipal police on Tuesday stopped fired councillors Warship Dumba and Casper Takura from entering Town House at the behest of the chamber secretary, Josephine Ncube.

There was drama at Town House when Dumba and Takura pitched up to attend a council procurement committee meeting arguing they had been reinstated by Local Government deputy minister Sesel Zvidzai.

However, when the two tried to enter the main entrance at Town House, municipal police swiftly reacted and stopped them from entering the council offices.A fuming Dumba charged Ncube was working like an appendage of Zanu PF as she was choosing to follow Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo’s orders.

“She has failed to give legal advice where it is due but now she want to appear as if she knows legal issues by barring us from discharging a duty we were voted for,” Dumba said.

Yesterday, Chombo hit back at the action by the two councillors saying their defiance was uncalled for. “Their action is like any drunkard who goes to be arrested. They are like any other citizens, actually worse because they were dismissed. The (MDC-T) congress should come and this should come to an end. We won’t take any nonsense,” he said.

Chombo and Zvidzai have had public spats and yesterday Zvidzai was conspicuous by his absence at the press conference signaling all was not well in the ministry.

Chombo insists the councillors remain fired while Zvidzai argues they should go back to work.