Airtime thief sentenced to two years


A Bulawayo man has been sentenced to two years in prison for stealing $350 and 2 000 airtime juice cards worth $1 000 from his boss’s office.

Edward Katsumbe (20) was convicted of theft despite his plea of not guilty to the charge when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Gideon Ruvetsa on Wednesday.

Six months of his sentence were suspended for five years and a further six months suspended on condition he pays restitution on or before July 31.

State counsel, Jerry Mutsindikwa, told the court that on April 6, Katsumbe and his employer, Nandipaha Masuku were at work at Savanna Tobacco.

At some point during the day, Masuku left Katsumbe in her office performing other duties assigned to him.

She told the court she left $350 cash and 2 000 airtime juice cards in her desk drawer.

When Masuku returned she discovered that her property had been stolen and immediately implicated Katsumbe, but the latter denied the charge.

Masuku then reported the matter to police, leading to Katsumbe’s arrest.

Katsumbe allegedly admitted the charge during police interrogation but denied ever committing the offence when he appeared in court on Wednesday.