War vet strips, beats up tourists in Mutoko


A Canadian tourist and his brother were Sunday allegedly stripped naked by a war veteran in Mutoko after they had gone to visit their late grandfather’s grave.

The incident happened at Nyamuzizi resettlement scheme as the two were on their way to a farm once owned by their grandfather and where he is buried.

The tourist and his brother, only identified as Palmer, were stripped naked by the war veteran identified as Stanley Chinake Mazarura, who was allegedly at the forefront of unleashing terror in the area during the run-up to the June 27 2008 presidential election runoff.

A report was made at Mutoko police, but no official comment could be obtained from the police. Contacted for comment last night, police national spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Wayne Bvudzijena, said he had received no such report.

“I have not received that report. I am not aware of such an incident,” Bvudzijena said.

Our source said: “A war veteran by the name Stanley Chinake Mazarura of Village Three in Mutoko stopped two white men who wanted to check on their grandfather’s grave.

“He stripped them and deflated the wheels of their vehicle. After that he ordered his youths to deal with them while he went to find more youths. He said white people were not wanted in Mutoko.

“Some of the youths however sympathised with the white people and helped them but demanded $25 protection fees. However, Mazarura returned and beat up one of the youths. The assaulted youth reported the matter to the police.”