MDC-T behaving like Zanu PF —Ncube


MDC president Welshman Ncube says violent scenes erupting from the MDC-T provincial meetings were a sign that the party had adopted Zanu PF’s repressive modus operandi of doing politics.

Addressing a campaign rally at the Homestead area of Kezi in Matobo district, Ncube said the MDC-T could not be left to rule the country as it already had bloodstained hands.

He said the future of the country lay in the hands of respectful youths and not “what we see in other parties where youths are turned into criminals to engage in violence”.

“Our counterparts are already carrying knobkerries,” said Ncube.

“Some claim they want to remove President Robert Mugabe yet they now have blood on their hands. You say you (MDC-T) want to remove Mugabe yet you act like him.”

He said the violence that characterised the run-up to MDC-T’s elective congress had proved that the party was not different from Zanu PF.

“The only difference is that the other is young and ugly. If they can be this violent while holding internal elections, what will happen if you vote them into power and now want to remove them?” asked Ncube.

He accused President Mugabe of wanting to hold violent elections this year to force people to vote for his party.

“Where will you go Mugabe when you hold violent elections and the people refuse to recognise you? You will remain guarded,” he said.

“Other grandparents have returned home to play with their children. What kind of grandfather are you?”

Ncube said Zimbabweans were objects of ridicule in neighbouring countries because of Zanu PF maladministration.

Speaking at the same event, MDC national chairman Goodrich Chimbaira said the people of Matabeleland fought the liberation war for themselves and did not need anyone making decisions on their behalf.

“If you go to Mugabe’s rural home in Zvimba, there are big roads and hospitals are stocked with medicine not found anywhere in the country. You liberated this country but what came afterwards? You are starving,” he said.

Chimbaira urged the people of Matabeleland to fight for self-determination and control of their resources.