Dinha berates Chiweshe ‘witches’


Governor and Resident Minister for Mashonaland Central Martin Dinha has urged the people in his province, especially from the Chiweshe area, to shun witchcraft.

Dinha said this while addressing thousands of people at Kakora Village where Seed-Co was hosting the National Crop Farming Competition Provincial Field Day at the weekend.

Dinha said the people from Chiweshe and the surrounding areas were bewitching and killing each other out of jealousy.

“People in Chiweshe should stop witchcraft and start concentrating on building their communities in unity, not to create differences over petty issues,” said Dinha.

He advised people in Chiweshe to turn to God and stop their acts of killing each other. He said many people in the area were dying mysteriously, sometimes without falling sick at all.

“When God created man, according to the Book of Genesis, He did not say he should start violence or kill anyone.

“I will not accept any votes from perpetrators of violence or those who kill people,” the governor said.

He said witchcraft had become so intense that even people that died of natural causes were now believed to have been bewitched.

“The way people are dying in this area is very worrying. Last week alone we buried a lot of people including three of my relatives who died of known diseases but people wanted to believe they had been killed by witchcraft,” Dinha said.