‘No chance of Zapu-MDC alliance’


An election alliance between the Welshman Ncube led MDC and Zapu is impossible because of ideological differences, it has emerged.

This came out a discussion at the Independent Dialogue meeting held in Bulawayo last week following a question by a participant suggesting parties in the region should come together and fight from one corner.

“Everybody here is talking about the problems and the challenges of Matabeleland especially around Gukurahundi. What I want to know is why don’t you just unite and we have one party or alliance to vote for?” the participant asked.

MDC national organising secretary Qhubani Moyo said his party believed in the promotion of diversity.

“That is a very important question that can be broadened to say that Zimbabwe needs to find a formula that will bring change which is loaded with meaning. That can be best achieved if people cooperate to remove this entrenched dictatorship,” he said.

“It should not be alliances of convenience but genuine alliances. Otherwise as an organsiation we believe in the promotion of diversity.” Zapu legal advisor Stephen Nkiwane said his party wanted to pursue goals it had stood for since the liberation struggle and could outsource that role to another party.

“Zapu didn’t participate in the last election so there is no measure of its electoral performance. The last measure was not even genuine in 1980 and 1985. It is therefore a fallacy to call Zapu a minority party,” said Nkiwane.

“We believe, as a party, we sought to pursue certain goals right from 1957 when the nationalist movement consolidated until the split of Zanu PF from Zapu in 1963. These other parties have emerged because of the sins of Zanu PF. We believe that it is us, as Zapu, who should protect our values. We cannot rely on other people of other persuasion to protect our values. Pre-election alliances do not work but end up breaking because of jealousy.”

There have been recent reports that the MDC-T is pushing for reunification with the Ncube-led formation as it seeks to build from the support it received from their bitter rivals in the re-election of its chairman Lovemore Moyo as Speaker of the House of Assembly.

MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti reportedly wrote to Ncube thanking him for the support in Parliament and suggesting a reunion.

“It goes without saying that the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe will be a long and arduous journey. However, it can be shortened if all democratic forces work together as we did on March 29 2011,” Biti wrote.