‘The Abstinence Academy’


When it comes to issues of teens and issues surrounding sex, this is a subject that cannot be avoided.

Platforms should be introduced for young people to ask questions, seek advice, and gain knowledge about their reproductive health.

His Trust Team, which operated under the name Harvesters in Sport until 2010, is organising a life skills training camp under title “The Abstinence Academy”.

This four day camp takes place from April 28 to May 1 at Sanganai Creek and is open to teenagers from Form One to Upper 6.

His Trust Team’s events and administration coordinator, Yamikani Banda, said this camp is being organised to help teens make informed decisions about their lives, particularly when it comes to sex.

His Trust Team will be offering Christian-based discussions on the subject.

The main idea behind the camp is to “promote abstinence as a safe and sensible option for growing up to realise one’s full potential”, Banda said.

The hope is to help young people make the right choices in their life.

These days some teens make the wrong choices that land them in trouble.

Sometimes these wrong decisions result in sexually transmitted infections, emotional and psychological stress and in extreme cases death.

The activities being held will centre on the merits of abstinence, life skills training, grooming, deportment and etiquette as well as career guidance.

This training will be given in an open discussion format, allowing campers to work in intimate groups that encourage an easy-going environment.

So far there are students registered from different homes, schools and through organisations like Laying Solid Foundations (Lasof) Leadership Institute.

His Trust Team is also working with doctors, youth leaders, peer educators, and other organisations like, Youth Advocates Zimbabwe, Youth Encounter, Lasof, Young People, Safaids and the National Aids Council to conduct the workshops and provide information.

Talks will be presented by different leaders in Zimbabwe, and campers will have an opportunity to hear about Dr Shingi Munyeza (Group CEO of African Sun Limited)’s life story and Institute of Architects of Zimbabwe President, James McComish.

Another segment lined up is the “101 Things”, which is an arts workshop that will give the campers 101 things to do rather than indulge in sexual activity.

The campers will be divided into different groups, facilitated by professional artistes discussing their skills and hobbies and impact on their lives.

This will give campers a chance to learn about other people’s personal experiences, while gaining insight into different activities teens could be a part of.

“There are so many things young people could be doing and personally I would like them to make the most of their youth,” Banda said.

His Trust Team’s stance is “Just don’t do it”. Banda said that this camp will give teens a chance to talk openly even if they are already engaging in sexual activities. The camp will help in disseminating information to young people, giving them the platform to question and seek advice on sex.

“The abstinence academy” opens a door to teen debate and hopefully from here on, teens will exit adolescence well-informed, healthy and confident to make right decisions.

This holiday teens can register for the camp until April 21. His Trust Team can be contacted at 23 Harvey Brown Avenue, Milton Park, Harare or call Yamikani Banda, 0772 288 761.