Fraudster jumps to his death


A Bulawayo man jumped to his death from the third floor of a city building yesterday morning following a suspected botched bank fraud.

Police identified the man as Keith Nzaphu Sibanda. He was 25. The incident, which occurred at around 10am at Stanbic Bank corner Main Street and 8th Avenue, temporarily brought business in the city to a standstill as scores of people jostled to get a glimpse of the man’s body.

Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo said Sibanda plunged to death after he was cornered by the bank’s security personnel.

Police said Sibanda was employed as a bookkeeper at a local company but was fired on allegations of fraud. Before his dismissal, Sibanda was a signatory to the company account.

Sibanda is believed to have visited the bank’s executive banking section on the second floor on Wednesday where he intended to withdraw money on behalf of his former company but was told to come back the next day, which was on Thursday.

“Upon leaving the bank on Wednesday, the bank called Sibanda’s former employer to tell them about the matter and were told that he (Sibanda) was no longer their employee. They advised that the bank should get him arrested if he returned,” said Moyo.

“Sibanda returned to the bank the following day (Thursday) to make the withdrawal. He was asked to wait while the transaction was being processed. After waiting for a while he became suspicious. He then tried to exit the building but was blocked by a security guard who had already been tipped over the matter.”

Moyo said after Sibanda realised that he had been cornered, he ran towards a window on the third floor of the building and jumped onto the pavement.

“He is believed to have climbed on a chair before jumping out of the window, plunging to his death.”
Stanbic Bank secretary Aisha Tsima confirmed the incident.