Executives’ pay should be made public — ZCTU


The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is demanding that salaries for top company executives be made public to narrow the widening income gap existing between them and their employees.

ZCTU secretary-general Wellington Chibhebhe urged employers to share the burden of economic recovery equally with their employees.

“We say no to exploitation of ordinary workers. We say no to slavery wages. Let us share the burden of economic recovery,” Chibhebhe said in a statement this week.

The ZCTU has been vigorously campaigning to have salaries of top executives made public because most are earning “obscene” salaries as compared to what the ordinary workers are taking home.

The ZCTU recently commissioned a survey which established that some company executives in the manufacturing sector were earning an average of $9 900 and top banking executives got around $11 000 while the majority of workers at those institutions received $497.

The survey also established that top executives in the non-governmental organisation sector earned an average of $10 300 with the least paid employee getting $395.

“We say no to this kind of exploitation. Let us share the burden of economic recovery equally. We demand poverty datum line- linked wages for the least paid worker,” said the ZCTU.