New laws for engineers


Engineers seeking to operate in Zimbabwe now need to be registered first, according to the new laws of the country.

Public Works minister Joel Gabuza yesterday said local and foreign engineers would now be required to comply with the Engineering Council Act, which required them to renew both registration certificates and practicing licences.

He said the Engineering Council would be the regulating authority.

The council is mandated to protect the country and general public from unscrupulous engineers.

“It is the public that I am more interested in because many people have been duped by persons masquerading as engineers,” said Gabuza. “It is for the same reasons that there is need to register all engineers and engineering technicians and issue them with registration and practicing certificates if they want to practice engineering in Zimbabwe.”

He said this would go a long way in providing better accountability and quality of engineering services to the people, as well as assisting government to estimate the country’s engineering potential and capacity in view of skills flight and brain drain affecting the country.

“All foreign engineers wishing to practice in Zimbabwe are required to be registered with the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe. All categories of engineers in mining, construction, ICT, the industries, and so on, must be registered without exception. The law says so and it must be respected,” Gabuza said.

Speaking at the same occasion, Deputy Minister of Public Works Aguy Georgias said Zimbabwean engineers should begin to invent things for the country instead of working from other people’s ideas.

Chairman of the Engineering Council of Zimbabwe, Dawson Mareya, said it would be a criminal offence to practice engineering work in Zimbabwe without the necessary registration and licence and such an offence would attract a fine not exceeding level eight or imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or both such fine and imprisonment.