Brands Fair launched


About ten thousand people are expected to attend the Brands Fair to be held at Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale this weekend.

The event would be held between April 16 and 17.

Event organisers Unique Media executive creative director Tendai Johannes said the event would allow customers to have a face-to-face interaction with local brands.

“Many customers have lost confidence in some of the local brands and this event will give a platform to get first-hand information from brand producers,” said Johannes

He said this was the first time the event was being held in the country, with the aim of creating a bond with local brands.

“Brands Fair is not for people to complain only but also for the brand producers to educate them more on their brands” said Johannes.

He said his organisation has been hosting brand fairs in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Johannes said the response to the Brands Fair had exceeded their expectations.

Zimbabwe has in recent weeks stepped up the campaign to promote the consumption of local products.

Last month the country launched the “Buy Zimbabwe Campaign” that sought to create a platform to lobby for the implementation of necessary changes that would lead to realisation of the country’s full potential for growth.

In South Africa research has shown that following the adoption of the “Proudly South African Campaign,” 92% of all South Africans are willing to support South African-branded products or services while 77% of shoppers were said to actively look out for products and services that were manufactured in their country.