Zipra to visit fallen heroes


The Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) veterans say they are planning to visit sites where many of their cadres died and were buried during the country’s liberation struggle.

Zipra spokesperson Chester Chizema said the tours would be conducted in July with visits to Freedom Camp and Nampundu near Lusaka.

“We haven’t put up a date as yet but we will be travelling in July,” Chizema said.

“On the first trip we will be travelling with members of a specific rank.

“Some members have been there before but this is the first time that we are organising this trip from the Zipra High Command.

“It is not going to be a once-off thing, but the visits will be followed by numerous other trips by other ranks.”

Zipra was the armed wing of the Zimbabwe African People’s Union, which fought alongside Zanu PF’s Zanla forces during the country’s liberation war against Ian Smith’s government.

Zipra, who were in a formal alliance with Umkhonto weSizwe, African National Congress’ military wing, had their bases in Zambia and crossing points into Zimbabwe were at Feira also in Zambia.

Chizema said Zipra used to have logistical and communications department stationed in Nampundu.

“The next trips will be to further areas like Solwezi near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia. We will also go to Angola and Tanzania,” he said.

Chizema said the trips would be in remembrance of comrades who died in the liberation war.

“It’s 31 years after independence and it’s a long time since we were there.

“As people who fought in the liberation struggle, we cannot forget the comrades who died for us in the struggle.

Zimbabwe celebrates its independence on April 18 every year.

Last week, the Ministry of Media, Information and Publicity organised a trip to Chimoio and Nyadzonia in Mozambique, where Zanla combatants operated from.