‘It’s better to have 10% of an elephant than 100% of a rat’


The Harare City Council (HCC) has held a strategic planning workshop to discuss on how best the city could benefit from its valuable assets, some of which have been lying idle for years.

Councillors and council officials dealt with, among others issues, the controversial Easipark deal, council farms and derelict buildings.

Wellington Chikombo, chairperson of the business committee, said there was need for the HCC to maximise on its assets to generate revenue for its operations.

“It’s better to have 10% of an elephant than 100% of a rat. It doesn’t make sense to say as Harare we have this and that but without us getting any revenue from it,” Chikombo said.

Another issue discussed was the need to have regular consultative meetings with residents.

“There is also need to go to the people so that residents are in touch with what we are doing and what we plan to do. We also have to incorporate people in our budgets and projects,” said Alois Masepe, business development unit manager of the city, who was the workshop facilitator.

“We need to open up to the people so that we don’t appear mysterious when we come out of our offices.”

Deputy mayor Emmanuel Chiroto said the ideas should be implemented.