Mannenberg hosts Storytelling Open Mic every month


Sense of expression and flexibility of vocabulary is always one of the artistic elements that are easily recognised by audience that knows and appreciates art.

Audiences were in for a treat at The Book Café last Tuesday night when they witnessed scintillating performances by arguably some of the best storytellers in Zimbabwe.

The Storytelling Open Mic event is held once a month at The Book Café, a programme that is being curated by Pamberi Trust to give storytellers a place where they can perform the genre and establish it as a professional discipline.

This January the Trust celebrated its second year and it continued to widen its appreciation through reaching out to more people who have a passion for art and the zeal to participate.

“Everyone has a story to tell and this is a platform which brings people of diverse cultures to come and share personal experiences or just ordinary stories,” said Extra-Blessing Kuchera Pamberi Trust project officer.

Storytelling is an art that has been a key part of human life since time immemorial and it stands as a vital art form for the development of society.

Storytelling has a multifunctional role especially and it is one of the intangible cultural heritage in African societies where it is used to educate, entertain and inform on different issues especially what transpired in the past.

“On an average the storytelling event at The Book Café attracts more than 10 storytellers every month with an audience which has since increased,” said Kuchera.

Last Tuesday Book Café held the monthly Storytelling Open Mic with the hilarious, Toropito, Keep Change and a special guest storyteller, Ticha Muzavazi, who amazed the audience with beautiful and wonderful stories.

Ticha is well-known for his hilarious stories and wonderful poetry. He has been a storyteller since childhood and has been active on stage since 2006.

He is a published and well-established poet who embraces diversity and storytelling has seen him conducting various workshops at arts festivals. He has collaborated with poets and musicians all over the country.

The Storytelling Open Mic event was born out of the House of Hunger Poetry Slam in January 2009 in response to a call from poets, writers and storytellers.