Cholera claims 3 in Chiredzi


Three people died last week following a fresh outbreak of cholera in Chiredzi’s Sengwe and Chilonga areas, a senior health official told NewsDay.

Masvingo provincial medical director Robert Mudyiradima said two adults and a child died from over 60 cholera cases reported in the area since last week.

“Three people have succumbed to cholera detected in Chiredzi,” Mudyiradima said.

He said the source of the resurgent outbreak was neighbouring Manicaland Province where the disease has been detected in the last few months.

“The disease originated from Chisumbanje, which is why the areas affected are those bordering Manicaland. As you are aware, efforts to contain the disease in Manicaland have been underway since February,” he said.

Mudyiradima said his team of health personnel had been dispatched to Chiredzi to assess the situation. “

The situation is under control now, although we are facing challenges due to the fact that the disease is imported from neighbouring Manicaland Province by people who may be moving from one place to another. But we are successfully containing the disease,” Mudyiradima said.

Since February last year, Masvingo recorded at least 20 cholera-related deaths, while 1 064 cases were reported from Bikita, Mwenezi and Zaka districts.