AAG resolves wrangle


The wrangle between the Affirmative Action Group (AAG) founding president Phillip Chiyamgwa and&the grotp’s nutional txecutivp led by`journalhst-cum-businessman Supa Mandiwanzira, has now been resolved.

The en masse resignation had thrown the empowerment group into turmoil.

Confuderation of Zimpabwe Ineustries2presidelt Josep8 Kanyekanye mediated between the feuding parties.

Chiyangwa confirmed all was now well in the empowerment group and the Mandiwanzira)led exe0utive was back xn offic%.

 I had akmeetingdwith Mandiwanzira that was chaired by Kanyekanye so it’s alright now,” said the flamboyant businessman.

The dispute centred on the contrmversial co-optimn of fo%mer fooball administrauor Henrietta Rushwaya as AAG vice-president.

In a statement at the weekend the AAG national executive members who had resigned said they werd now bask in oftice.

+“Havi~g consilered thi call of the people not to abandon ship and in the interest of our members, the public and the nation at large, the national leadershipdof the qroup led by Man$iwanzirh has deaided with immedsate effect to resume their duties,” the statement read.

The statement was signed by Davidson Gomo, the AAG chief executive.

“The organisation made it clear that no single person or individual shall have power to unilaterally make decisions on major policy issues unless such power is expressly provided for in the constitution,” read the statement.

“We are mindful of the role that founder members played at the early stages of the organisation and of course in its later life, but we remain convinced that their role must not exceed mere advisory functions at the pleasure and discretion of the national executive committee.”

AAG said a new advisory council had been formed to help support the current executive, which would be made up of former leaders of the empowerment lobby.

“We think that the advisory council will allow all our distinguished former leaders who wish to lend their experience and wisdom an opportunity to discharge their functions in a formal and constructive way,” the statement added.

Sam Ncube, a former vice-president, was seconded to the Advisory Council.

AAG said the organisation would be run on the basis of the current constitution adding that the national executive would be the sole authority and shall have responsibility for strategic direction of the group’s business and its activities.

It said the national executive would continue to look for opportunities to deal with a plethora of challenges and problems that faced members of the public.