Readers respond to Pastor Makandiwa debate


My problem with Christians is their inability to question the Bible and then taking it as the defacto truth. Such shallowness leads to them accepting anything and everything that is said to come from the Bible as true.

I recently viewed a video by Pastor Emmanuel Makandiwa on youtube where he was claiming a poor woman would receive money soon because an angel had told him and got him to her house whose number he could only recognise as 7 and 5, to which the woman on cue, confirmed was her house number.

Next, he was claiming to have woken someone from the dead by praying for him/her through the telephone. Even you Jealousy with the little understanding of how things work can you believe this hogwash?

I have also viewed TB Joshua’s fake resurrection of a dead person. Honestly, the inconsistencies on the video are so glaring but some people never question that is why they are a ready market for the “gosprenures”!

Rejoice Ngwenya, keep up the good work and next time, give more detailed examples to expose the fake men of God who are so rich you wonder who they are serving other than themselves.

Godfrey Nyandoro
Godfrey Nyandoro seems to understand Ngwenya’s point for certain. The problem with people following these pastors (even those following the so-called traditional churches) is that they do not really appreciate that the Bible is the basis of spirituality.

I challenge every “Christian” to prove that everything done at “their church” is in accordance with the Bible they purport to follow. Be honest with yourself.

My observation is that the Bible has been overtaken by personalities and therefore, people no longer question popular pastors even if they say something that the Bible does not exactly say.

Unless of cause you don’t agree that the Bible is the basis of Christianity, then these pastors, bishops, Popes etc become your basis for faith. I think Mawarire is just being defensive and it’s understandable.

Sam Man
Thank you Mawarire for your very good response to Ngwenya’s article. I pray that God have mercy on Him and that one day he will testify how foolish he was as evidenced by his article. I also pray that he will write even more articles which will instead give glory to the Almighty God, His Son and the Holy Spirit.
Tinoda Zimbo
I urge most of you to read, There is a lot of details that you may find very informative and useful.
Kufara Gwenzi
Religion is the problem! All of history is littered with religious people killing, maiming, murdering, and stealing for some imaginary gods or in the conduct of dubious “Holy wars”. We now know better that there is really nothing out there in space — just a conglomeration of galaxies and undiscovered planets — meaning there is no “heaven”! Leave us alone religious loonies — you’re the ones who need intellectual deliverance.
Munya Munos
Religion is a culture of faith while science is a culture of doubt that is fuelled by ignorance which the world likes to call intellectualism because the scientists are ignorant of the way things are designed. They study existing things and how they were designed yet they still claim it all started with a random explosion.

How then does randomness suddenly turn into an organised universe where everything coexists for the benefit of the other? The oxygen that we breath is the same that is breathed by trees, trees in turn are eaten by animals that we eat and cow dung becomes manure and the cycle goes on to planet.

Stars follow a particular path, everything is precise, the universe has some gases, rays and many other things some dangerous to any form of life but they are all in the right proportion that sustains life. Yet those who proclaim to be the wise of this world will tell you it all started with randomness. Are all these wonders a result of randomness?

Nhavayebenzi Munezvese
Rejoice Ngwenya’s article was not about belief in God. He never questions that. All he said is we are dealing with man with needs and greed and who also needs protection.

Many of you lost the gist of the matter altogether. You forgot stories about Jones in Guyana or David Koresh in the United States and how that resulted in the death of many people because leaders had become too important through intimidation.

Many churches in Zimbabwe don’t think there will ever be a charlatan rising among their ranks but there already are some who like leaches who survive on the gullibility of their hosts.

God never says don’t question when there is injustice. Injustice is not only about Zanu PF. It is also about the dictatorships of the church. Otherwise the church would never have changed and we would all be Roman Catholics!

Someone stood up against the dictatorship of the Roman Catholic Church, hence the multitudes of churches we have today. Most of those Pentecostal churches were formed by disgruntled people who left mainstream churches. If pastors are fleecing people, let it be said here on earth and let them serve their time at Chikurubi and then hell.

Chamboko Milan
Very interesting religious thoughts and very spiritually stimulating too. I hope you people don’t start shouting at each other like people who don’t know God, typical of political e-forums. I support Jealousy Mawarire for his exposition of church finances. Indeed, the church needs money just like any organisation.

However, we should always remember that the money does not come from human enterprise and ingenuity, neither should it come from religious manipulation.

People should be taught the Word of God. This is the starting point. After they are brought to a level of understanding that they are in partnership with the creator, they will give to the church in the form of tithes, free will offerings, gifts and alms.

I have no qualms at all with those who give cars, houses, land, etc. They are not lunatics or zealots — they are “sowing”, to borrow a word from the Bible itself. I am strongly against the practice of some people in many churches today of “forcing” people to give or setting targets and asking people to donate certain amounts to the church.

Brethren, we cannot help God in financing His Kingdom. Teach the Word! Money will come. My pastor (spiritual father) went to America a long time ago for Bible education. When he/she was about to return, offers came from “man” to support the work of God.

Upon asking God for direction, he was told not to depend on man, but to come back to Africa and teach the word, upon which money for God’s work would come. And indeed, the money came to finance one of the fastest growing Pentecostal movements in Africa and beyond. God owns everything (Psalm 24:1).

Zimbabwean To Heart
The Bible does not teach us to hate and kill. By supporting Zanu PF as the clergy, you are indirectly dirtying your hands with the blood of those who are being butchered by Zanu PF.

Additionally, traditional churches such as the Roman Catholic , Methodist and Anglican are against President Robert Mugabe and you want to steal the show by going the other way. The problem with Zimbabweans is this “holier than thou” approach when our commitment to Christianity is questionable.

Josphat Jirihanga Mugadzaweta
It doesn’t matter how you interpret the Bible. The bottom line is that the whole Bible is about salvation. Salvation is eternal. That we were saved is past. Any other Gospel other than this is misleading innocent people.

For instance, Divination is no longer divination, they call it prophecy but we all know Deuteronomy 18 v 10. All the people in the Bible who fell because they had encountered the power of God fell face down and in reverence.

None of them fell backwards and this might not be the preacher’s fault but the congregation that has been fed with the wrong Gospel. How can a God who knows the number of my hairs fail to know me and identify me by the number of my house? I think it’s clear for everyone to see that something is not right. That is divination proper. Yet people, out of desperation, embrace anything.

This I believe was Ngwenya’s concern which must be every Christian’s concern. Salvation is eternal and wealth is now. As for my brothers who are talking about science, allow me to enlighten you that the Bible is full of science. Lepers were quarantined and how about circumcision? As for dinosaurs, read Job 41 v 19 onwards.

Nhavayebenzi Munezvese
Jelousy Mawarire thank you for your analysis and response to Rojoice Ngwenya. Great response.

Clever Gomba