One million pirated CDs go up in smoke


Police in conjunction with the Anti Piracy Organisation of Zimbabwe on Friday burned over a million pirated music compact discs (CDs) which they confiscated from illegal vendors.

They said the reason for this was to encourage people to promote artists and to buy original music discs.

Anti Piracy Organisation of Zimbabwe executive director Innocent Matsengarwodzi said the organisation together with the police had managed to achieve their objectives on enforcing the Copyright Act.

“One of our core objectives is to enforce the law and that is being done,” said Matsengarwodzi.
Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri said: “This is a nationwide campaign and as the police we have a responsibility to enforce all laws in the country.

“We are confiscating (the discs) everywhere even in private vehicles,” said Phiri. Matsengarwodzi said: “Police stations nationwide understand the effects of piracy in the music industry and they are now in full force to curb illegal sales.”

George Emmanuel, an artist with the Trade Union for Music Industry said: “We work with the police to enforce the raids and we represent the complainants. We also would like to applaud the police for a job well done.”