MDC bails MLF activist


The Welshman Ncube led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) on Friday came to the rescue of the Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) activist Charles Thomas paying $2 000 to bail him out of prison.

MLF has been struggling for an entire week to raise the money needed as part of the activist’s bail conditions imposed by Justice Ndou two weeks ago. Thomas, together with fellow activists John Gazi and Paul Siwela, are facing treason charges.

The MDC Bulawayo spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu said they came to Thomas’ rescue because his party believed in justice.

“As a party we saw it fit to bail him out not because we believe in secession. As a party we believe in devolution of power. We know that their (MLF) view is inspired by the tribal imperialism of the Zanu PF regime.

“This is also a sign of our (MDC) commitment to the creation of a just and free Zimbabwe where freedom will be protected and opinions opposed to ours will not be criminalised,” he said.

“The money belongs to the party. We made contributions as party members. The assistance is unconditional. There are no strings attached. We call upon Zimbabweans and institutions that fight for democracy to join hands with us.”

Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Ndou, two weeks ago, granted the trio $2 000 bail that came with other stringent conditions and restrictions.

On Thursday last week, Justice Ndou dismissed the state’s application for leave to appeal against his decision to grant Gazi and Thomas bail.
He granted the state leave to appeal against his decision to grant Siwela bail.

Gazi’s family paid his bail on Monday afternoon .
The MLF secretary for legal affairs Sabelo Ngwenya expressed his party’s gratitude to the MDC.

“We are very grateful for what the MDC led by (Welshman) Ncube did. In so doing they did not assist only MLF but the people of Mthwakazi as a whole. It is a sign of political maturity on their part. They have shown us that politics is too narrow a yardstick to define humanity.”