‘Let it rock concert’


Finally the holiday has begun and just in time, this weekend is packed with entertainment for all to unwind.

AMVIS, ‘Ambition Meets Vision’ is a three-member group organising a hip-hop concert, “Let it rock concert”, expected to bring teens from around Harare together this evening at the 7Arts Theatre.

Hip-hop culture today is a big part of how most urban teens talk, walk, dress and live, and this weekend’s event will certainly mirror this culture, featuring hip-hop dancers, artists and other R&B artists.

A group of talented young people is set to perform at this event including participants from different schools around the city.

Those attending the show can look forward to popular names; IIIceey, 4 Kornerz, Kronic, Gravity, H-Town Ballaz, PFG, Makaholics, Class Cartel and AMVIS.

AMVIS’ crew members Kudzai “K-Yung” Makombe (20), Kundai “Kripmac” Makombe (20) and Munashe “Sky Slasha” Musiyiwa(18) have been together for almost three years now and have compiled two mix tapes (rough cuts of the tracks to come) featuring popular songs like You got me like (ahh ahh) already being aired on national radio.

Their most current mix tape for 2011 currently has about nine tracks and more still to be put together.

The name AMVIS is also the proposed name for their record label and the group is currently working on plans to set up a recording studio for aspiring artists. The inspiration to do what they do comes from passion for music.

Together, each member of the group has something unique to offer; K-Yung’s appreciation of different genres of music, including jazz; Kripmac’s love for a bit of everything, R&B and pop, as well as Sky Slasha’s taste for crunk hip-hop and up-tempo music.

This group infuses all genres of music creating a distinct AMVIS product.

For young people to pursue a career like this in Zimbabwe is a bold step. Each member of the group has different sentiments about pursuing music full time.

“I cannot see myself doing anything else,” Kripmac said. For K-Yung music is his passion, but he is also into sport, especially rugby, and is also good at computer engineering. Similarly Sky Slasha is into sport, but his main passion is music.

The group’s families are supportive of this career in music.

“At first our parents were sceptical about it, mainly because they had heard of how artists in Zimbabwe end up in drugs and other activities, but after they saw how passionate we were about this they have become more supportive,” K-Yung said.

For AMVIS, this support also comes from their stance against profanity in their music.

The group strives to offer a product that anyone can listen to, from the young to the old. Their music narrates some of their experiences in life and love.

To teens out there the group encourages making the most of life. From K-Yung – “life is what you make it.”

Finally Kripmac’s encouragement is: “You determine what you want to be and when you have a passion grasp onto it to your fullest capacity. Do not be afraid to be different.”

At tonight’s show people can expect entertainment, new talent, tracks they have never heard before and some of the groups’ popular songs like Best days of my life, Amvis in the building and Fly bwoi season.

The group is also set to perform at the Sean Kingston concert lined up for this month.