Cross-border traders launch travelex, rand cards


Cross-border traders should be honest when they declare goods at the border as this will allow them to benefit from numerous advantages associated with importing goods in for commercial purposes, a senior Zimra official in Bulawayo has said.

Patrice Silamulela, who represented Zimra at the cross-border traders’ launch of the Travelex and Rand cards, on Wednesday said the traders were disadvantaging themselves by lying to the authorities at the borders.

“The $300 per calendar month rebate is meant for goods that you bring in for personal use. If you are bringing the goods for commercial purposes then you are not entitled to that rebate.

“We know that people cross borders with goods that they want to sell but claim that they are for personal use. We just leave you guys but it’s against the law.

“You should get agents who will clear the goods for you and don’t lie and say they are for household use. You will find that you will get concessions, for example there are some goods from Sadc that are duty-free,” he said.

Silamulela told the cross-border traders that if there was any part of the law they wanted altered, they should talk to the legislators. “It is a step in the right direction that you now have an association.

“That means you can speak with one voice. Take your problems to the legislators,” he said.

The Cross-Border Traders’ Association on Wednesday launched their Rand card and their members also received the Travelex Visa Card through Interfin wasank.

The association’s president Killer Zivhu said the Rand card was for the association and the Travelex card was a card they adopted because it is useful to cross -border traders.

“Our card, as the cross border association, is the Rand card. The Travelex is a card we can use but is open to all members of the public. We will use it when we want to travel to Botswana and other countries because the Rand cannot work there,” he said.