Noczim sued over $70 000 debt


The National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (Noczim) has been taken to court by a local construction company, Dohne Construction, for failing to settle a debt of over $70 000.

Dohne Construction claims the state-operated oil procurement company failed to pay for services rendered in 2009.

In court papers, Dohne Construction claimed they were contracted to build structures at Noczim’s Beitbridge depot from February 2009 to May 2010 under which the latter was supposed to pay within 21 working days.

“The defendant (Noczim) is truly and legally indebted to the plaintiff in the sum of $78 716,54 in respect of construction services provided at its specific instance and request,” reads the plaintiff’s declaration.

“Plaintiff provided construction services in Beitbridge for a period extending from February 2009 to May 5 2010 at the defendant’s specific instance and request. According to the agreement, defendant was to pay plaintiff within 21 days of presentation of an invoice,” reads the summons.

“Plaintiff provided construction services and subsequently presented defendant with an invoice.”

Dohne Construction said efforts to recover the money from Noczim had fallen on stony ground, prompting the company to seek the court’s protection.

“Despite demand from both the plaintiff and its legal practitioners defendant has failed, neglected and/or refused to effect payment of the said sums,” the company said.