Dube finally finds sponsor


Pan-African and Zimbabwe heavyweight boxing champion Thamsanqa Dube has finally secured a manager, sponsor and promoter which will see him returning to the ring after being on the sidelines for over a year.

Dube is today set to sign a contract with Carl Wittstock, the manager of Horizons, a restaurant in the city.

Wittstock on Tuesday confirmed to NewsDay Sport that the pugilist would be entering into an agreement with him today which would see the restaurateur taking care of the fighter’s business.

“Thamsanqa Dube is signing with us on Wednesday (today). We will manage, sponsor and promote him. He is a Pan-African champion but he has not fought for years. This has been due to lack of proper management and insufficient funds,” he said.

Wittstock said they want to take Dube on board as he is a very capable boxer who could reach greater heights.

“He has extraordinary talent and potential. He has not only sparked interest in Africa but in countries which also include Australia that is why we want to sign him on,” he said.

Wittstock said Dube would get his first fight this month under his management.

“We want to organise a fight for Dube in Bulawayo in this month. We will seek big and better places for him to go and fight,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Dube would neither confirm nor deny his relationship with Wittstock save to say: “Something will be happening tomorrow.Call me tomorrow.”

Dube became the heavyweight boxing champion in 2003 when he beat veteran boxer Arigoma Chiponda on a technical knockout. In 2006 Dube knocked out a Zambian heavyweight boxer Joseph “Ramos” Phiri at Bulawayo Polytechnic in a 12-round contest.

He has fought and defeated heavyweight boxers like Smart Nkomo and Gardner Ndingwa. Dube has been starved of fights and last featured in an international fight in 2009 when he claimed the Pan-African title after he beat Jack Ells of South Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dube is mentored by veteran boxing coach Phillip “Striker” Ndlovu.