Bogus empowerment agents mushroom


National Indiginisation and Economic Empowerment Board (NIEEB) chairperson David Chapfika says there has been a mushrooming of “bogus empowerment” groups purporting to represent the interests of the general public under the government indigenisation drive.

Chapfika told a press conference in Harare on Tuesday that NIEEB was the only statutory body mandated by the law to spearhead the government’s indigenisation programme.

“We would like to warn all the members of the public against organisations that have mushroomed in recent months in the media claiming to be representative’s organisations of the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme,” said Chapfika.

“The public is therefore advised to ignore such advertisement and to report these organisations to NIEEB and the police should they be approached.”

Last week the government gave foreign-owned mining firms up to mid-May to submit proposals on how they intend to transfer majority ownership to black Zimbabweans as part of complying with the indigenisation programme.