Bankers’ League kicks off


Coming from the relatively tough and difficult 2010 season, the Bankers’ League is set to kick-off its 2011 season this Saturday.

The 2010 season was won by Renaissance Merchant Bank after the same club was crowned champions in 2009 while Barclays Bank were runners up in 2010.

League secretary Desmond Chipunza said CABS and Premier/Ecobank who did not participate in 2010 but had been affiliates in the prior years and a completely new entrant, TN Bank, will be part of the league this season.

BancABC will however not be participating this season.

The 2011 league will once again be steered principally by the same executive following the re-election of the chairman, secretary-general and treasurer at the league’s AGM held in January 2011.

“Last season was spiced up by a tournament sponsored by bottled water distributor Zimbabwe Life is Good (ZLG). There is a reasonable assumption that ZLG would want to be associated with the league again this year in this regard given the cooperation, entertainment and goodwill enjoyed in 2010,” Chipunza said.

He added: “2011 is expected to be a better season and already 14 teams have registered and all licences are ready for collection in time for this weekend. This is an increase from 12 that participated.

“The projection of a better season is premised on the belief that individual banks will be able to spare a bit more towards the recurrent expenditure of their respective teams and also the anticipation that there could be a sponsor for the league.”


CABS vs Premier, Kingdom vs RBZ, CBZ vs TN Bank, FBC vs POSB, Renaissance vs Stanbic, Interfin vs NMB, ZB vs Barclays